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 The Rejuvenator has a product line of over 20 products.  However, currently we are featuring 5 of our products as Awesome opportunities to kick off your Rejuvenator Experience.  The Totally Loaded Fun Time Package is the recommended package for all those looking to maximize their Soap Rejuvenator experience. This package has all of the "Bells and Whistles" and includes all of the Live Green Product Line as well as the 1 3D mold and 1 Specialty molds.  This package includes all of the essentials for repurposing soap and opens the door to countless hours of frugalness and fun. With a little imagination the complete candle making kit is also a great option to transform your soap making excursion into a candle making extravaganza with little to no effort. 

In addition to the "Totally Loaded" Fun Time Package we offer the Introductory Soap Rejuvenator Kit.    As if that is not enough, we offer both the Soap and Candle crafting Kits as one time purchase opportunities or subscription based purchases.

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